24days Silent Image

Sculpture & Installation
Steel, Wood, Brick, Veil, Blinds and Sulfate paper

24days Silent Image interactive installation is inspired by the artist's experience of staying for 24 consecutive days in three isolated hotels in three different locations in the year 2022: 7 days at the Regala Skycity Hotel in Hong Kong, 10 days at the Dayi Lanting Hotel in Chengdu, and 7 days at the All Flowers Village Hotel in Chengdu. The limitations of space affect the sense of time, the sense of reality. The only window that connects to the outside world has also become a frozen, silent image. The internet is the only way to communicate with the outside world, and so the only window with the ability to see the real world becomes a frozen, silent image.

When I returned home for the summer due to COVID-19 isolation policies, I spent 24 days alone in hotels across three different locations. The confined space, scheduled meal deliveries, daily nucleic acid tests, and the view outside my window resembled a static picture, leaving me disconnected from the passage of time. Life's conventional concept of time became distilled into basic necessities.As I moved to each new hotel, walking through the long corridors, time seemed to stretch out once more. The uncontrolled duration of time and the picture-perfect scenery outside left me feeling disoriented. Describing the experience and emotions of those 24 days is challenging; my memory feels like fragmented and unfolded paper, and I can only record these observations.

Audience interaction