Dancing with the absence

A fan found on the streets of Brooklyn, discarded due to a missing blade. Its appearance becomes a movement of derived difference. The absence of the blade and the absence of the audience, as if all stable "presence" is shaken by "absence." This is the "death of the fan," a poignant and profound expression of absence conveyed through dance, representing a crisis of meaning. And the absolute void of absence is the encounter with the infinite. Abandoning the static and immutable ontology of presence, the identity of things cannot be separated from the difference brought by absence.

Wood, Fan and Chairs
180x180x70 (Variable dimensions)

Granny's Lullaby/摇啊摇,摇到外婆桥

Granny's Lullaby) is a performance art installation created on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2023. The work consists of two parts, an interactive installation and a performance art show, in three chapters. Flickering light bulbs and swaying swings form an uncertain space of memories, solidifying the trauma caused by the earthquake across time and space, where uncontrollable disasters, the collision between the collective and the individual, and the shattering and rebuilding of order, gradually fall asleep in the lullaby of childhood.

Performence & Installation 
lamp,  Wood and Micro Controller
270x270x270 (Variable dimensions)


Chickadee, their name reputedly comes from the fact that their calls make a distincive"chick-a-dee-dee-dee",though their normal call is actually"fee-bee", and the "chick-a-dee-dee-dee"call is an alarm call. Three blinds simulate the wings and feathers of a chickadee, the bird brings a warning. When one gets used to the sirens it becomes a kind of numbness.

Sculpture & Installation
Blinds, Wood and Arduino

24 days Silent Image

When I returned home for the summer due to COVID-19 isolation policies, I spent 24 days alone in hotels across three different locations. The confined space, scheduled meal deliveries, daily nucleic acid tests, and the view outside my window resembled a static picture, leaving me disconnected from the passage of time. Life's conventional concept of time became distilled into basic necessities.As I moved to each new hotel, walking through the long corridors, time seemed to stretch out once more. The uncontrolled duration of time and the picture-perfect scenery outside left me feeling disoriented. Describing the experience and emotions of those 24 days is challenging; my memory feels like fragmented and unfolded paper, and I can only record these observations.

Sculpture & Installation
Steel, Wood, Brick, Veil, Blinds and Sulfate paper


The work interacts with the viewer by establishing the relationship of "trap-bait-prey". The driftwood that a person desperately wants to catch when falling into the water is used as bait and becomes the object of desire production. The viewer is "caught" after triggering the mechanism, and then the "trap" is restored. The driftwood exists as a quest for the thrill of not being satisfied, attracting the fallen in the river of reality, full of fear and fantasy prey.

Sculpture & Installation
Wood, Steel and Arduino
Variable dimensions


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Video Art

I'm fine

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Interactive Installation
Vinyl sheeting, Vinyl gloves, Vacuum pump, Wood and Arduino


Surrounded by psychedelic pink and loopholes whether we really exist

Interactive Installation & Video
Mac, Keyboard, MaxMsp and Paper