Dancing with the Absence

Wood, fan, chairs
180.00x180.00x70.00 (Variable dimensions)

Dancing with the absence "Improvements in machinery effect a substitution of labor, comparatively unskilled, for that which is more skilled."As a forsaken fan reclaims the stage, trembling with intensity, its blades absent, its sole means of protest becomes a dance on the stage. It's challenging to discern whether the fan's transformation into a machine was a result of relentless human physical exertion to perform repetitive tasks or whether a human has been replaced by a superior machine. Is the fan dancing due to the absence of blades and audience, or is it dancing because it is being overlooked by a massive system? What level of noise is required for a dance like that to avoid being disregarded?

A fan found on the streets of Brooklyn, discarded due to a missing blade. Its appearance becomes a movement of derived difference. The absence of the blade and the absence of the audience, as if all stable "presence" is shaken by "absence." This is the "death of the fan," a poignant and profound expression of absence conveyed through dance, representing a crisis of meaning. And the absolute void of absence is the encounter with the infinite. Abandoning the static and immutable ontology of presence, the identity of things cannot be separated from the difference brought by absence.

The streets of New York are often full of discarded furniture, and this is an electric fan picked up on the side of the road, discarded because it was missing a fan blade.

I say: a flower! 

and, out of the oblivion into which my voice consigns any real shape, 

as something other than petals known to man, 

there rises, 

harmoniously and gently, 

the ideal flower itself, 

the one that is absent from all earthly bouquets.

————————Stéphane Mallarmé